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In the Higher Nutrition Wellness Solutions we distinguish the definable energy flowing throughout the body/mind by the acupuncture meridians. When there is an accumulation of blocked or “conflict” energy, the meridian flows are disturbed and we manifest bio-energetic imbalances. We find the prioritized imbalance and use homeopathy, nutrition and concepts to assist the body in what it does naturally: heal itself.

Flower Essence Therapy ~

Emotional & Mental Wellness; Identify and select prioritized remedy to shift imbalances, conscious and subconscious:

  • Traumas
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Addictions & Self-Sabotaging Ways

$60 (Includes Flower Remedy)

Apex Energetics IBS Session ~

Homeopathic Testing kits are used to find prioritized imbalances. Then appropriate remedies are selected.

$80 (plus the cost of supplements)

Internal Tune-up ~

Preventive & functional medicine. Anti-Aging & cellular support ~ beauty from the inside out.

Tests Include:

  • Vitamin, Mineral, amino acids and hormone deficiency test
  • Acid/Alkaline pH test
  • Cellular /Oxidative test
  • Nitric-Oxide (NO) Test (important molecule for cellular and cardiovascular health)

$125 (includes all tests)