Book Reviews

This book feels like all the little secrets of the world have been written down in a way for anyone to have understanding and access to…it’s deep, it’s heavy, and it’s powerful and it gave me a sense of empowerment and control on the way my life is and it gives me hope.
— Rachael Mundon

Love love love this amazing book filled with so much information on healthy nutrition and explaining it in such an easy way. I have read many books on health and nutrition and this one is great and easy to follow. This will be on my top holiday gift list, nothings better than giving the knowledge of health. Happy reading.
— Ilona

I have been waiting for a book like this to come out for a long time. It is full of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. With my busy lifestyle I never have enough time to get things right in terms of my health and this book is so user-friendly and easy to read that it helps put me back on track. I keep it close to me at all times. IT’S LIKE A BIBLE TO YOUR HEALTH AND I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD OWN ONE.
— Nonna Daron

I was struck by the amount of information and how it relates to your well being. Great book to have on hand to assist with all nutrition and natural remedies for anything. I highly recommend this book.
— Carol Dean Frost

Just started to read Higher Nutrition and I’m hooked! Very informative and beneficial information, this book is a must-have in every household.
— Eva Rinenberg

Awesome source for all the information you need to stay feeling great and healing before the crisis occurs! Thanks for a great reference book Luiza Reingatch.
— Ilana Gershteyn

Luiza’s compilation of high vibrational information, 12 years in the making, wow, I’m floored by her knowledge and it feels so good to read! I’m practicing her teachings and doing my own research to support it. MAHALO Luiza for all your hard and loving work!
— IP

“A gift to is all!”
Luiza manages to weave together a diverse palette of healing modalities in such vast depth with a thread of simplicity. All contained in a tiny, 108 page personalized handbook that can be thrown into a purse or briefcase. I could see myself referring to Higher Nutrition daily and I want to share a copy with my closest circle of friends as we begin to emerge and empower as self healers.
– Phoebe Hunt

“Very informative”
I’ve been looking for a book that covered diet, health and lifestyle and forms of life energy and wellness. There are very few books that cover a broad range of topics so concisely and easy to read. It comes with a personal food chart as well. A great book for anyone looking for a personal system of healing, self recovery, addiction and revitalization.
– Robo Elrey3k

“My everyday Go To guide.”
This is an excellent reference book that I keep going back to time and time again. Even after the first read, sometimes things don’t settle into your awareness and I love how the introduction of so many ideas keeps my mind a bit more tuned into certain words or phrases and ideas. Very helpful every time you think of a question. The answers are always right there waiting for you to find them.
– Sara Ronder

Higher Nutrition is a wonderful compilation of various modalities to help balance and heal the body.
As a person always on the search of natural ways to calm the mind or boost your immune system, this is a great go to when seeking knowledge of what to do and how to do it. I highly recommend this book.
– Carey D. Ibrahimbegovic