how to use a pendulum for dowsing for health

How to use a pendulum for dowsing for health:

A pendulum can act as your personal compass to wellness. Blending the material and spiritual aspects of energy as it moves through the principles of science and art. A technique to search out that which is invisible or unknown. The human form acts as an antenna along with the subconscious mind which responds to the electromagnetic waves emitted from people, places, things and thoughts.

Dowsing with the pendulum is also called “divining”, because of it accesses information from the Divine and your all-knowing higher self. An instant connection to the cosmic force, receiving truth from the universal pool of information. Famous dowsers include great prophets and many supporters of dowsing exist, from the agriculture and scientific fields, to educational organizations throughout the world.

We use a pendulum as an energetic evaluation technique, a read-out method for self testing and selection. Applied kinesiology or muscle testing works in a similar way. Things that could be asked or tested for are: foods, allergies, intolerances, supplements, personal care products, household products, truth, compatibility between people and just about anything else.

Everything has it’s unique vibrational frequency, including you. Whenever testing anything you can either hold or touch the food, supplement or anything else, or you can have the words or name written on paper of that which your inquiring about, or just hold the intention of your question in your mind and thoughts. Dowsing with a pendulum is applicable for just about everything in your life. This kind of work often leads to a broader spectrum of thinking.

Much information exists on the Internet about dowsing and using a pendulum. In the Higher Nutrition program, we use it to come up with our own and unique, individually tailored diet, supplement and lifestyle program.A pendulum can become a new way for you to appraise life with and use as a tool for the alignment of your body, mind and spirit with your higher self.

A pendulum can be made of anything weighted, that hangs from a string or a chain. One can be made out of a crystal, a ring or a pendant. Anyone can learn to use a pendulum. It may take some practice to feel confident and certain with our connection and language with this simple device. Your confidence will grow the more you practice and get in tune with it.

Hold your pendulum in your hand and keep it still. It should swing with no assistance from you. Answers are deciphered as a “yes” or a “no”, which is a positive or negative response, based on the direction of its movement. Each person will have a unique language and you can ask to be shown a “yes” and”no” response. You can practice by creating a yes/no chart and holding a pendulum over it. An oscillating movement can sometimes indicate an unclear question or unavailable answer.

When using a pendulum, position the string at a comfortable length, (mine is about 3 or 4″ up on chain from pendulum base). Position between your thumb and index finger. Always call in your highest good to come through.

Ask specific or clear questions. Phrase your question in a positive question/statement; for example your question should be “I should take this supplement” as opposed to “should I take this supplement”. That which is being asked or tested will either strengthen or weaken you, thus providing a yes or no answer. This information can then be used to make choices for your highest good.

Questions can be asked either out loud or in your mind. Try to keep a neutral mind because the answer or result may be influenced by your desires. So keep a clear neutral mind, as you search out the true answer.

Blessings & enjoy the journey

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