higher nutrition – the book

Higher Nutrition offers you an individualized path to health and wellness within a unique overview and treasury of natural health, diet, supplement, lifestyle and spritual practices. It guides your personal alignment by utilizing energetic information integrated with functional medicine to achieve your optimal potential and wellbeing. This book provides the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze imbalances that have created or may lead to disease and facilitate practial preventive care.

Shifting the layers of our physical, mental and spiritual worlds repatterns the self to release stagnant energies, toxins, subconscious programming, old and self-sabotaging patterns, addictions and afflictions that may no longer serve your highest good. Higher Nutrition teaches you to evaluate your state though dowsing with a pendulum and self-select your individualizied diet, remedies and practices that align your full being and maximize your potential. You will change at every level from the physical realm to a spiritual awakening and soul revival.

This work draws from the spectrum of what has become known as natural medicine and the energy found within everything to expand and magnify your existense and wellbeing. It will ultimately lead you to reach a new balance both within yourself and the world as well as acquire the sacred qualities and virtues that nourish your body, mind and spirit.

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