free radicals, antioxidants, cancer & disease

Everyone has free radicals, and some are good and excess is bad. They are unstable molecules or atoms that damage cells and DNA.

Antioxidants inhibit oxidization of the cells and fight free radicals and cellular degeneration. Antioxidant scavenge free radicals and act as cancer killers.

Phytonutrients are compounds found in plant foods and are nutrient dense. Flavonoids are one type and have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Eating a healthy diet, super foods and antioxidants is a smart way to practice preventive care. Through food and supplements you get the nutrients you need that act as powerful and preventive medicine.

You can purchase a free radical test which you do at home and looks at the oxidization of your cells through a urine analysis. They are sold on Amazon for under 20 bucks and you may want to get to so that you could do a before and after test. Most of us don’t have enough antioxidants running through our bodies to counteract our physical and environmental demands.

When I took mine, it was in the deep pink, almost red area (cellular oxidation and not good). For the next three weeks I actively ate and consumed a diet and supplements packed with antioxidants. When I retook my test it was in the clear! (Happy healthy cells) 🙂

I learned that it takes large amounts of healthy food, superfoods and supplements to keep in the safe and healthy zone with free radicals.

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