flower remedies for mental and emotional wellness

Flower remedies are taking according to emotional and mental profiles to address belief systems, psychological and emotional imbalances, unresolved blocks, traumas, conflicts, reasons for addictions and unconscious behaviors.

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician discovered and developed the original 38 flower remedies in the early 1900s. He believed that disease stemmed from a mental and emotional conflict between one’s soul purpose and actions taken in life.

Flower essences are selected based on certain aspects of our consciousness, soul issues and past experiences. Flower essences (remedies) work on even more subtle energy levels than homeopathy. They are “vibrational” in nature and powerful, as they impact positively with profound shifts and true healing, on conscious, unconscious and subconscious levels.

Use the incredible tool of flower essences, a natural gift of and from the earth, to optimize and better yourself, on every level. To awaken within yourself the more positive qualities and virtues of the human heart and soul.

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