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Chakras receive and transmit subtle energy aiding meditation and self-reflection. Great care was taken to capture the truest color and purest sound frequencies, thereby maintaining the integrity and therapeutic benefits of each chakra. After choosing the duration of a full sequence from root to crown, select the number of times to repeat and your personal chakra mediation experience can begin. Simply press start to enjoy the continuous flow of gentle singing-bowl sounds, unique to each chakra, accompanied by the chakra symbol on a background of rich color.

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Find a CALM SPACE, preferably in a darkened room for intense color. HEADPHONES are recommended for better concentration on the subtle, singing-bowl variations. BREATHE deeply into the chakra location while experiencing its color & sound. Exhale and repeat. FOCUS on a single chakra at a time as they progress through the sequence. A single sequence will take approximately 1.5 to 8 minutes from root to crown. Repeat as desired.

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Thanks and credits to:
Larry O’Pella, Architect
Luiza Reingatch, Designer
Vidya Srinath, Developer
Negar Kidman, Symbol artwork

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