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The Happy Hormones app provides vital information to proactively balance key hormones for health. This allows the practice of preventative healthcare and gets to the root cause of imbalances and disease. This promotes improved health, energy, overall beauty, and wellness. Educate, Empower & Elevate yourself!
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Hormones are produced and secreted by the endocrine glands. They affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Hormones also play a role in development, puberty, fertility, and aging. Hormones regulate metabolism, breathing, heart rate, growth, mood, digestion, appetite, sleep, and insulin.
Some endocrine diseases associated with imbalanced hormones are: thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, fertility issues, and psycho-emotional imbalances.
Certain hormones decline with age which is natural. Much can be done with diet, lifestyle, and supplements to ensure optimal health, and graceful aging.
Direct to consumer lab testing allows access for individuals to order their own tests and submit blood work, without the need for a doctor’s request (in 47 states). Use the links in the “Labs & Biomarkers” section to order lab tests, then go to your closest lab for a blood draw and get results online within a few days. Take control of your own health for optimal quality of life and play an active role in disease prevention.
Learn the important information and topics presented within this app to balance key hormones for health.
Thanks and credits to:
Larry O’Pella, Architect
Luiza Reingatch, Designer
Vidya Srinath, Developer

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