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Chakras receive and transmit subtle energy aiding meditation and self-reflection. Great care was taken to capture the corresponding color and sound frequencies of each chakra, maintaining the integrity and therapeutic benefits.

Clicking on one of the seven chakras from the home page will initiate a slowly pulsing, chakra symbol in a rich background of color and relaxing tones. Make sure your volume is adjusted comfortably.

Information on each chakra includes:

  • chakra name in English and Sanskrit;
  • chakra value statement to internalize through self-learning;
  • major characteristics;
  • ’bija’ mantra for vocalization during meditation;
  • physical location of the chakra energy;
  • Solfeggio frequency thought to be a core sound of creation; and
  • chakra color.

Thanks and credits to:
Larry O’Pella, Architect
Luiza Reingatch, Designer
Vidya Srinath, Developer
Sam Patlove at Bud’s Recording Services
Tina Rodriguez, singing bowl sounds
Negar Kidman, chakra symbol artwork

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