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In the Higher Nutrition Wellness Solutions we distinguish the definable energy flowing throughout the body/mind by the acupuncture meridians. When there is an accumulation of blocked or “conflict” energy, the meridian flows are disturbed and we manifest bio-energetic imbalances. We find the prioritized imbalance and use homeopathy, nutrition and concepts to assist the body in what it does naturally: heal itself. 


Flower Essence Therapy ~

Emotional & Mental Wellness; Identify and select prioritized remedy to shift imbalances, conscious and subconscious:

  • Traumas 
  • Belief Structures 
  • Behavioral Issues 
  • Addictions & Self-Sabotaging Ways 

$60 (Includes Flower Remedy)


Apex Energetics IBS Session ~

Homeopathic Testing kits are used to find prioritized imbalances. Then appropriate remedies are selected.

$80 (plus the cost of supplements)


Internal Tune-up ~ 

Preventive & functional medicine. Anti-Aging & cellular support ~ beauty from the inside out.

Tests Include:

  • Vitamin, Mineral, amino acids and hormone deficiency test
  • Acid/Alkaline pH test 
  • Cellular /Oxidative test
  • Nitric-Oxide (NO) Test (important molecule for cellular and cardiovascular health)

$125 (includes all tests)




“In 2001, when I was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis due to the AIDS virus (fewer than 50 T-cells) I felt hopeless; I thought I had lost my grace. I was managing a restaurant for money and was an amateur actor/singer; my life was over!
I was living with my partner, whose brother owns a pharmacy. I saw doctors in Manhattan who put me on the cocktail and gave me sulfur pills to ‘clear’ my brain. The next few months were nightmarish- I try to remember but everything comes back in disassociated images.
But, then a friend and healer came to our home, Luiza Reingatch!  I remember she put me in my bath tub with – I think it was some kind of herbs and said I had to kill the virus with a ‘zapper! My partner, James, a firm believer in western medicine ’scoffed. But Luiza’s positive energy convinced me to give it a try.
It is now 2016 and for the last 14 years I have had a T-cell count in the thousands. I’m really not sure if my brain has ever been ‘cleared’ because my insurance will not pay for another MRI; all I know is without Luiza’s belief in herself and my recovery I might not be here to write this now.”
-John Fitzgerald
“Luiza’s healing work is simply profound, going well beyond all the surface issues, she quickly gets to the vibration core of what’s out of alignment, bringing that to balance quickly and efficiently. So much so that your conscious mind doesn’t really think anything happened, no pills to take, no grueling regiment, then to your own disbelief you find yourself no longer dealing with that issue, pain, or malady. It just  works as homeostasis sets in, it makes you wonder how amazing and simple healing can be. I highly recommend  you experience her amazing work.”
-Yosef Bender
“In just over six months since I met Luiza, I’ve lost 45 pounds (almost a 20% weight reduction). Her book got me started (I’m a 55 year old with Multiple Sclerosis) but it was her positive, energetic, and caring attitude that brought me out of my MS funk and has me exercising daily and eating right (well, better anyway). And, while I view my weight loss as a huge accomplishment, she shirks it off as just one step and is focused on ridding my body of MS.”
-Kyle C.
“Luiza used samples of hair from my children and me to find what flower remedies we should be on.  Each remedy was a perfect match for our needs.  My son was struggling with some very severe violent rages, I was beginning to feel very resentful and conflicted, and my little girl was just lost in all the confusion.  We got on the remedies and noticed some big improvement on our relationship and quality of living.  It has been a huge blessing for us.”
-Aimee Wylder
“Working with Luiza as my practitioner has truly been a gift. She is personal and thoughtful in finding the appropriate remedies for me. It has changed the way I approach my daily health routine and has made a positive affect on my overall emotional well being.”
-Stephanie Demopulos