chakra chi app

The “Chakra Chi” App is now available on iOS in the App Store. It is a sound and color meditation experience.

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Chakras are energy centers within the body and there are seven main ones along the body and top of head. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” , a gateway through which energy transmits that processes and interacts with universal energies. Chi is the life force, it powers all activities in humans and the universe. Chi vibrates through the chakras. In ancient India, the seers and holy men had a deep knowledge about the chakras, which were introduced to the west through yoga.

The lower chakras deal with primal issues such as survival, security and power. The upper chakras are associated with love, creativity insight and expansion. It’s believed that consciousness advances as it moves up from base bottom to top of the head.

The first root chakra is red and located at base of spine, it vibrates at 256 Hz. It is associated with survival, the earth and our relationship to our mother.

The second sacral chakra is orange and is located around the lower abdominal, it vibrates at 288 Hz. It is associated with creativity, pleasure and self idententity.

The third chakra is yellow and is called the solar plexus, it is located above the belly button, and vibrates at 320 Hz. It’a the seat of our personal power and our energy integration center.

The fourth chakra is green and is called the heart chakra, it is located around your heart and vibrates at 341.3 Hz. It’s associated with love, perceptions of love, relationships and balance.

The fifth chakra is blue and called throat chakra, located around throat and it vibrates at 384 Hz. It represents self-expression, communication and the ability to express and receive.

The sixth or brow chakra is indigo in color and called the third eye chakra, located in the middle of the forehead, and vibrates at 426.7 Hz. It’s associated with extra-sensory perception, insight, spiritual growth, truth and creative thinking.

The seventh or crown chakra is violet and is located at the top of the head. It vibrates at 480 Hz. It’s ssociated with the God within, our soul, enlightenment and the connection with the creator.

Self-care and working with the chakras through tools such as color and sound therapy can bring into balance and harmony, many aspects of this experience that we call life. ❤️